Musicals: Musical Theatre and Lion King Essay

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Something Special
Musicals that have unique qualities and captivate audiences, can make Broadway history.
The Phantom of the Opera, Chicago and The Lion King are all amazing musicals still running on Broadway; however, they each have something special or unique that blows people away, making them want to see the show again and again. The Phantom of the Opera is a mysterious romantic musical with songs like “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Past the Point of
No Return” which leave you wanting more from that dark and damaged phantom and his beautiful muse. Therefore The Phantom of the Opera’s key to success is the “The Phantom” himself, the dark and mysterious man who lives in the shadows of “his opera house.” He makes is a stone cold killer yet he creates the most beautiful music; furthermore, he is a devilish man with the voice of an angel. Chicago is a jazz musical, one of the best musical styles in theatre history. The musical numbers are entertaining and include energetic choreography, but the interesting thing to me is the focus on the main characters Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly’s crimes that got them put in jail, moreover the entertainment business is brought in because Velma Kelly was part of a jazz act that no longer will work because she killed her sister (her partner) and now
Roxie Hart a wannabe actor may possibly replace Velma’s sister once they get out of jail. This clever story is Chicago’s key to success. The Lion King on the other hand