My adventure to the United States Essay

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My Adventure to the United States
A significant event that impacted my life happened the day I traveled for the very first time from my country, the Dominican Republic, to the United States. I was not prepared for the big temperature change, a warm nice climate to the ice freezing cold weather. It was a very exciting feeling but at the same time bittersweet. Just the idea of traveling to a different country, the new things I was going to be able to see and explore was going to be exciting. The tall buildings I was going to be able to visit. The new language I was about to be introduced to, but at the same time bittersweet thinking that I was getting ready to leave the place where I grew up, the friends I was not going to be able to see again. Also, the food that I was not going to be able to enjoy anymore and my culture rituals.
While checking with the Dominican Customs in order to board the airplane I had a very interesting experience that I would like to share with you. I had to give my passport to the

Customs Officer to clear Customs. I remember the Officer’s intense, yet deathly serious facial expression when he said that the passport Visa picture didn’t look like me.
My passport had two pictures, the color picture you see when you first open the passport, and the Visa picture printed in the actual passport pages. I was terrified and slightly shaking at the thought that he was not going to let me board the airplane. At that moment the only thing I could think of was to tell him to look at the Passport color picture in front of the Passport and he would see a much clear picture. He looked as I suggested. He was staring at the image, comparing it to my face, then he paused briefly as if he was in deep thought. When he saw that picture he realized that in fact it was me. He finally allowed me to board the plane. Now I started making my way towards the gate where my flight was departing. As I walked through the crowd I noticed no empty seats in the waiting areas and the lines were packed of eager travelers. Many people were in a hurry, running to their gates while others were calmly walking beside each other. While I began walking to my destination, I could take a sigh of relief that I had made it somewhat to where I was intending to be.
My waiting time wasn’t as long as I expecting it to be. I sit down waiting impatiently for the flight attendants to allow us to board the plane. Finally, they started calling to board, I can

finally see myself sitting in the airplane. They called my group and I stood up quickly with a jittery feeling in my stomach, I felt butterflies flying inside me. I was walking happily inside my way to the giant open doors that seemed magical in my eyes. I made it inside the gigantic airplane, it feels like the sits can go on forever. A friendly flight attendant warmly welcomed me aboard. I was fascinated walking through the narrow hallway looking for my sit, peering over heads. Finally found my seat and sighed in relief. I could finally relax after the incident with the officer. I still couldn’t believe how scared I was and I laughed to myself.
I felt the plane start up underneath my feet and I heard the pilot speaking his announcements over the intercom to his passengers. The doors began to close and the butterflies came back. I can hear the pilots’ words, “This is your first officer speaking, welcome to Continental Airlines with your destination to New York. This flight will approximately take three hours and fifty minutes. We will cruising at 32000 feet. I will be back with you shortly with more instructions. Thank you for choosing Continental Airlines. The flight attendant is here for your safety and comfort. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make you more comfortable”. I could hear the children giggling in the background because they knew the plane was getting ready to depart.