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Sharon Johnson Money Hungry BY. Sharon G. Flake Year: 2012 187 pages
Main Characters: Mother and Daughter I believe that the authors purpose for writing this book was to entertain the reader
This writing is very Effective because it teaches you a lesson Money hungry is a book about a 13 year old girl who name is Raspberry Hill. She grew up in the project, her mother works almost 24/7 a day and her father was never there.
Raspberry has experience being hungry and homeless and she fears of experiencing it again.The way that Raspberry deals with this fear is by selling pencils and old candy at her school to her friends and close enemies .When all that is shut down by her principal at school she is finds a new way to make money.She starts to clean old people house for money her and her friends. Raspberry is addict to money and her friends and mother don't understand why.She believes in saving every last penny that she gets ,she's the real definition of money hungry.Money is the only way that she can sleep at night,her mother wish that she would put a end to it. Her mother believes that every way she gets her money is legal.
When they are approved for section 8 to move a nice house in pecan landings
,Raspberry thinks that things are falling in place then outta no where everything starts to fall down hall for Raspberry once again. Her house is broken into, her friend owns her 200 dollars and her mother is having a affair with her friends father who is a doctor. Raspberry finds a new way to make more money,she starts to wash cars for extra cash with an old friend she knows.While her mother is at work and she is washing cars their apartment is getting broken into by someone in the neighborhood. Raspberry made it home before her mother that night and was in total shock to see that they had nothing left in the apartment included all of her money she had saved. Her mother tells her that