Essay on My Hardest Choice

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My Hardest Choice

Last year I realized that being adult is really hard. Obviously, if you ask any adult, the answer would be yes it is hard because they have to depend on themselves and to learn a new thing from their experience. For me as a young man I don’t have any experience to make decent decision, therefore I need to learn a lot of things in life. For example, while I was in my first year at King Saud University the scholarship opportunity was available and I had to make decisions to get the scholarship and leave my country or to continue in K.S.A. After a hard time of thinking, I decided to get the scholarship. That decision wasn't easy to make and it took me one week to decide. So, in that sense, the scholarship decision has advantages and disadvantages.

There are some advantages of having a scholarship. First, I can get a good education with knowledge. Second, if I graduate from America I can get a good job and bright future. In my country I was dependent person who always relies on his mother. After I accepted the scholarship I really changed to a different person who depends on himself for everything. For example, studying, cleaning, cooking and all of the hard work will make me a responsible person.

Moreover, there are some good things that helped me to fit in with American people. For example, people are more open minded in America and you do not feel that you are international student because; people treat you as American citizen.

American people are friendly and they love partying so that helped me to fit in with the beautiful environment which is America. Obviously, to be a scholarship student is to have responsibility and that encourages me to achieve my goal.

There are some disadvantages of being