My Past University

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班级:Ba1 学号:2011304310113 姓名:冯晓丽Feng Xiaoli

My past university

I want to talk about my past university—Shan Xi Da Tong University. It not only provided me learning environment, but also provided me social practice platform. That is to say, I am not only acquired basic knowledge but also learnt how to get along well with others in four years’ university life .I missed these places mostly, library, student union and my dormitory. I used to study in library because it’s learning environment is very good and it has many kinds of books, but seats are limited; I took part in the student union when I was a freshman. I made more friends and actived in many extracurricular activities in union, but it often took a lot of time; I like my dormitory best. I shared my happiness and sorrows with my room-mates and I relaxed myself sufficiently in it. But the condition of my dormitory is poor. Above all, University is my unforgettable place. I spent most of my extra-study time in library. Generally speaking, It is a good study place. Firstly, the atmosphere of study is strong, but sometimes someone would receive and make calls, which would impact others’ study. If it can provide a few of fountains, the library would be perfect. Secondly, it has abundant of professional books, thus I can access to needed information timely when I encountered problems in study. Besides, there are also all kinds of magazine, so I can relax myself and expand my vision when I was tired of studying. But the limited time of borrowed books is short. Last but not least, the seats are limited, which disturbed me very much. I had to go to the library line up very early just for seat. But the desks and chairs are big enough, which gave me much space to think and study and reduced the impact between students. The desks and chairs are tidy and comfortable. All in all, I like our library very much. I took part in the student union when I was a freshman. I made many friends in union. I exchanged my idea with others. I enhanced my ability to communicate with others, but I fed up with some students in union because I don’t like their character; I took part in many activities in union, which enhanced my practice skills and accumulated a lot of social experience, but it occasionally made me embarrassed in activities; It took me a lot of time in union, which influenced my study. But at the same time, I enriched my college