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Zuriel Salvador
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Ms. Starnes
War doesn't just affect the warzone, war affect the world War affects the populace by damaging the economy, effects the jobs, and effects the families. One effect that affects the populace is that war damages the economy. In the article "Iraq, Afghanistan, and the U.S. economy", "CBO now estimates the costs of the Iraq war, projected out through 2017, might top $1 trillion..." (Teslik). This shows how much debt problems the U.S. have in just the U.S. In this reason why the government can change their ways because it's affect the population greatly. In the same article," President Bush requested $481.4 billion in discretional spending for the department of Defense's 2008 budget" (Teslik). The U.S. is in deep trouble if they continue to have too much for the needs and wants. Also for the loans the owe is big and should be stopped for this reason. The U.S. economy should change soon or else the U.S. will break and will be destroyed. Another effect the affects the populace is that war effects jobs. In the article "Lost Jobs", " $130 billion per year can give 900,000 jobs in education" (Lost). From the bad economy we have, we can't have more teachers than we should to increase the education. They're are so many kids that need better teachers and now since of money issues, we can't do that. In the article "Lost Jobs", " Military spending by the Federal government is therefore often considered a good thing to give more jobs..." (Lost). In this perspective the military is good for giving jobs to people that need jobs. This reason justifies that war sometimes is good to the populace. War affects the…