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What If?

Writing my first song could not have come at a busier time for me, my first semester of college. Although I was going through the biggest adjustment period of my life so far, it has proved to be truly inspiring for my musical career.
I started off as a music major coming here to Millersville University, and I ended up completely overwhelmed. I felt like everyone in my major was a band nerd in high school, and they never really had an atmosphere that made them feel accepted like the Millersville Music Program did. Due to the fact that I was a vocal major, with an education concentration I felt like I didn’t belong. Every other aspect of my life at Millersville has been accepting and enjoyable, but I came to realize that my passion for music is better lived through my own dreams.
I recently switched to a music minor, and I’m still provided music lessons through the school. My professor, Dr. Jose Garcia, is a phenomenal singer, and an inspiring instructor. He was the course instructor for Class Voice which was my absolute favorite class last semester. We learned many aspects of the anatomy of singing as well as the overall dynamics. My professor was new this year and called himself a “freshman” since he didn’t know any more than we did. He made me want to keep music in my education, because he was accepting and funny and caring as a professor. Because even though he is a very talented and accomplished vocalist, he has never written a song. This fascinated him, because he realized he has been teaching and learning for so long yet he has no inspiration to write any songs, and so helping me write my song and adding a more professional opinion was a first for both of us. It was nice to know that there are teachers out there who are not all about large classes with no student interaction, which most freshman classes seem to consist of. Dr. Garcia took a personal interest in all of our vocal pieces, especially mine. Every week in class we would have to present specific sections of our songs that we wanted to work on with our Professor and each week my song grew longer and longer, with more and more difficulty added by my professor’s suggestions. For our final we had to sing a song of our choice and my friend encouraged me to finish writing my song and perform it in front of the class. At this point I was totally freaking out, because I had never written a song before, and I was not exactly comfortable with debut in front of all my fellow classmates. Before I knew it, my song was complete with guitar tabs, thanks to my friend Cody, and we even made a recording on my laptop. I was growing anxious as the performance date quickly approached.
My song, although many people don’t believe me, isn’t even about a personal experience, it is me telling a story. It is an experience I have never had, and I never hope to have because it is about a relationship falling apart. The couple starts drifting away from each other during the start of their first semester of college. The girl starts to regret losing touch with her boyfriend, and keeps remembering great times that they had together before going to school. She specifically is reminded of summer days, and how close they were before they went to college. The girl in the song then starts to say that he isn’t the one who is calling her anymore and she can’t let go of her past relationship. She cannot believe that he is moving on with his life and isn’t in the same place in his life, as he was when he was with her. Once she realizes that he is not sitting around moping about her, she gets depressed and she wishes she could restart their relationship. She is already re-living their entire relationship inside her head, everyday torturing herself with the past. The girl knows that it is her fault that they drifted apart, she wanted to party more, and he wanted her to party less. She wanted him to go out more and he just wished she would stop asking. They were highschool