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Dear Los Angeles times, as a current important I believe it is time we truly focus on conservation. Conservation is careful management of our environment and natural resources. It may not seem like we should preserve some of our resources but in fact we should. We all know and can see the rising gas prices and how that is affecting our work. I think it is important for us to remember to be careful in everything we do. I think it is important because we are running out of these resources very quickly and the people of Los Angles seems as if they do not have a care in the world. They are forgetting that we need to be smart with the resources we have. Everyone is just concerned with making it and showing off so we drive the range rover, or the Bentley or the hummer, all cars that literally burn and waste gas, while countries oversees like Japan, are making gas efficient cars and have certain mandates to preserve their energy. I am not saying that we should control our people but I believe we should inform them and help them save our resources.

This is why I need you to print this article about preserving resources. I also want you to email it to your prescribers to help saved the trees. I know a lot of people do not see the importance of saving our natural resources which is why it is my job to help inform them of the bad decisions they are making. Our environment is hurting and the people are not even aware of it. I think it is also important that the state of California keeps the mandate for cleaner air and support the diamond lane, which is the traffic lane for those who car pool or have hybrids. It is great because so many people drive individually and complain about traffic when they could have just car pulled or taking public transportation. I think we should continue to support those who are using energy sufficiently and make sure they are being appreciated appropriately. Thank you for your support.

Dear Los Angeles times. As a preservationist I think it is important that we protect those things that are in danger of being loss. We need to help save organic substances from decay from bad conditions. In the Bridger video it talked about the loss of certain wilderness and natural life and how people wanted to expand and make developmental areas in this natural situation. People are trying to “improve” the city without even knowing that they are hurting it. They do not even know that these things are at risk. I think that there is a certain way for people to become educated about things that are at risk. It is called the risk assessment four-step process that others have come up with.
First is hazard identification. Does the exposure of a certain substance