My Ideology Essay

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Ryan Allen
Kwasi Densu
American National Gov.

Essay Assignment: My Ideology

Questions to Consider: 1. Source of Views and Values- reflect on personalities, institutions and philosophies that inform your social, economic and political beliefs. Discuss how you were "socialized" (chapter 4) to accept this view of the world. Remember the concept of politcal socialization. Of the ideologies in Chapter 5 which do you identify with the most? Why? 2. Critique of Existing Order- discuss problems you that you see with contemporary society. Evaluate the contemporary social, politcal, economic problems facing American society in a general sense, the African-American community in particular. In your opinion why do these
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Through growth and development this countries wealthy have figured out how to retain the wealth leaving those in the African community suffering. The cause and effect trickle down all the way from the top of the wealthiest industries in the world. In the black community the poor education stems from an overall poor community. A good school will not be found in a poor community therefore the students won’t learn what it takes to be at the top of this economic food chain, instead they will only learn what it takes to get by. This throws them into the never-ending cycle that only few make it out of. The lack of opportunity for African Americans that come out of these communities is very evident in today’s society. Time has proved that the job market is scarcer than ever in this hard economic crisis. This leads to many African Americans relying on government aid. Stemming right into family and how it affects the African American community directly, in recent years, welfare has been a right and it made government dependency much more reliable than fathers and husbands. Illegitimacy has increased from a mere twenty three percent in the early nineteen sixties to almost seventy percent in African American families today. Crime is also a major issue facing African Americans. A high level of crime exists in poverty stricken urban inner city areas. Children are often growing up on the streets and use crime as their only means to survive