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A Nation Divided
We are now divided by our race, class and ideology. That should not be new news for anyone. Racial tensions have not seemed this bad in my entire lifetime. We are divided by class or rich vs poor. We are divided by ideology; left vs right. We are for lack of a better word, divided. Consider a hypothetical: the Russians and Chinese have invaded the U.S. In that event, we would most likely come together as a nation and do whatever it took to defeat them.. Would anything less bring us together? My belief is that nothing less could put us together as one with maybe the exception of an extra-terrestrial attack. Some believe we need bigger government, while others think the government is too big and out of control.
Some think we need more religion, yet others believe religion is bad.
Some want us to hold on to our June and Ward Cleaver type of values.
However, many believe we need people like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga expressing themselves as artists. Some believe we should attack a nation that suppresses it's citizens. When others believe we should keep our nose out of other people's business. I could literally go on for days. May I suggest examples of division amongst ourselves.
Take the O.J Simpson case. A majority of people black, white and brown believe he got away with murder. The division came when many
African American's were perceived by whites as doing a victory dance because a black person got away with killing two white people.. A dangerous division that cut both ways. How about when Bill Clinton lied under oath about having sexual relations with that woman, Ms.
Lewinsky. The smoking gun ended up being a stain on a blue dress.
Yet Republicans said it's wrong for a President to lie under oath and should be impeached. And Democrats argued that it all depends on what the meaning of the word is. Long ago, in a land not so far away, our nation faced our biggest division. One side wanted slaves while the other felt slavery was wrong. There seems to be no remedy for this type of division; because it seems ideology trumps facts. Here is an opinionated example. As a young man I voted Democrat. How could
I not? I mean my grandparents and great grandparents said we vote
Democrat because they are for the working man and Republicans are for the rich people. My metamorphosis came during the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton . Though I had voted for him, it became clear to me that one side became interested in finding the truth; while the other side seemed interested in hiding the truth. The same is true today.
Look at the Fast and Furious gun running program. It led to our nations first AG being held in Contempt of Congress. It also led to the President implementing an executive order, keeping Congress from getting their hands on over 10,000 documents. Does that go against a promise made by a POTUS that stated he would have the most transparent administration in our history as a nation? Benghazi; four Americans left for dead. One side wants to know why and how this could have happened. The other side says "what difference does it at this point make?" Then they blame a video for it and demand the survivors keep their mouths shut or face massive retaliation. The
IRS comes out in front of a story and apologized for targeting conservative groups. While one side said no that did not happen and rewarded with career promotions, the ones that apologized. These examples are not opinions but mere facts.
Ideology trumps facts: i.e.-the Democratic Party denounced God and
Israel in their National Convention platform. It was replaced with a woman's right to kill her fetus at any time during her pregnancy and the demand that women have the right for free contraception. Better yet, even if a religious organization says it goes against their convictions you will still provide it or else. Now you would think for a plethora of reasons