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Have you ever had that Deja vu feeling before? Well at Tony’s Tattoos a tattoo shop in Eugene, Oregon it is very different from other tattoo parlors because of its overall atmosphere to customer service quality to its artist work quality. You get that Deja vu feeling at Tony’s, because it’s homely. When you walk in the door at Tony’s Tattoos you notice something different about this from other tattoo parlors…the walls are painted very bright neon green and there are racks of clothing which is different from your average tattoo shop. Not to mention Tony’s Tattoos is a very large tattoo shop as well with lots of pictures of tattoos that their artists have done covering the walls. At Tony’s you are welcomed with “Welcome to Tony’s Tattoos!” and a smile; Not like other places where you feeling like you are bothering the artists and the other employees, but you feel comfortable. Along with that, employees are pretty outgoing as well. You can tell these people like coming to work every day, they are also willing to answer any questions you may have to their knowledge and if they don’t have an answer for you; they will get manager or even the owner to answer your question. You can tell they pride themselves on being helpful, welcoming and assuring. After speaking with employees about some tattoo ideas or an idea you already have, they’ll personally recommend an artist that they think would do the best job or they give you the option to look at an artist’s tattoo book and