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49638911756600FRANÇAIS II avec Mademoiselle Café

Prof: Amanda Coffee (Mlle. Café)
Email: Hours: Period 7, or by appointment

I was born and raised in Colorado Springs and studied French at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. I love Colorado and think it is the most beautiful place on earth. Speaking both French and Spanish, I have been afforded many opportunities to travel and these have been some of the most treasured times of my life.
I know that all of you will have to the chance to travel abroad in your lifetime. I hope that you will learn things this year that will help you in your journey.

CLASS MATERIALS – to be brought to class daily
French Binder (see below)
Paper, Pen/Pencil
French textbook and 2 Workbooks
Binder – to be prepared by Monday, Aug. 19 (10 Point Homework Grade)
Please include, in order:
- A label on the front with your name, course name (Français 1, 2, 3, 4), my name (Mlle. Café)
- Policies Sheet
- Tons of loose leaf paper
Requested: donation of box of Kleenex or 2 dry-erase markers

Grades are calculated on a point basis throughout the semester and are based on State and National World Language Standards found at
Students will demonstrate their understanding and abilities in 3 modes of communication:
Interpretive mode: listening to or reading a text and interpreting meaning
Presentational mode: one-way written or spoken communication in which the presenter must consider the audience (with limited opportunity for feedback)
Interpersonal mode: spontaneous oral or written communication in which 2 or more participants negotiate meaning to make sure that their message is understood
Grade Distribution: 30% Interpretive Exams and Assignments
Listening and Reading 30% Presentational Exams and Assignments
Speaking and Writing 25% Interpersonal Exams and Assignments interaction using Speaking and Writing 15% Homework/Participation
Homework is valuable for success in my class and is often required to complete in-class activities on the due date. Participation will be made up of any group work, spontaneous contributions to class conversation, or other vocabulary/grammar based activities. In case of excused absences, students have has the same number of “French Days” to complete absent work as “French Days” missed.
Exams: Tests are administered throughout each unit, are developed according to objectives set at the beginning of each unit, and will weigh more heavily in semester score. Students have 2 full weeks to complete exams missed due to excused absences.
Grades will be updated at least every 3 weeks, and for each progress report.
According to school policy, work/exams missed due to unexcused absence is not to be made up for credit.

No Late Work is accepted.
If you have an extenuating circumstance that is keeping you from completing your work, please come speak with me.

You are expected to be in your seat by the end of the tardy bell’s ring.
If you are late, sign the tardy sheet, on the bookshelf near the door.
If you plan come into class 10 minutes or more late, please first go to the Main Office and get a pass.
Leave the pass in the tardy basket – please do not hand it to me, I am teaching.

Students receive 3 permits per quarter to leave the room not during instruction time.
Students will not be allowed to get class materials from locker, car, etc. with these permits.

Be in your seat by the end of the tardy bell
Bring all materials to class
Speech and actions are: RESPECTFUL, appropriate, et en français!
Participate, participate, participate (en français)
Follow all school/district wide policies
Use Electronic Devices according to BYOD Policy
Don’t bring food or drink to class (water bottles are OK)