My Experience In My Life

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Imagine moving every four years. Leaving to a new state, possibly a new country, a new town, and an all new group of people. That was my life for 16 years, you learn to adapt to change quickly. I wasn't blessed to grow up in the same place, with the same individuals. Despite that, I was blessed to get a life full of traveling and constant new experiences due to the military lifestyle. To start off with, I was born in the heart of Philadelphia, home of the soaring eagles. Living in Philadelphia, was not always sunshine and rainbows as expected. Being the projects also was not very ideal for a child, we had your run of the mill drug dealers and gang activity as well. Despite the obvious issues, I have never experienced such a tight knit neighborhood. …show more content…
In better words, elysian . I spent 5 years of my life in Hawaii, thus being the greatest and harrowing time period. My neighborhood was quiet and did not have much going on but beyond my neighborhood and the military base, was endless adventures. From hikes, the beaches and being chased by an ostrich. I was truly living my best life, I was able to learn and be a part of such a beautiful culture. Hawaii taught me to never be scared to try something new, that goes for foods and activity's. Hawaii was also a hard time for me, throughout 6th grade I was bullied most of 6th grade, verbally and at times physically over my race and hair. In the beginning, I remained closed off and quiet, I had this illusion implanted in my brain that if I got chemical relaxers to straighten my hair I could fit their standards of beauty. Consequentially, I learned to love who I was and my big hair. Hawaii took this small, shy girl that I was and molded me into a an adventurous, forthright, broad-minded young lady I am today. The biggest lesson I took was to always be open minded, whether that be directed towards opinions, a new activity or people and their