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In order to understand my life you must first read through the pages.....

"Mary, we have to go to the hospital the doctors just called and said that jocelyne's heart just stopped!"
"Hope she's ok! But knowing the type of strong mother we have I know that when we reach she will be laying there watching TV with an astonishing and at the same time relieved expression at the sight of our arrival."
"I pray so!"
"Trust me, everything will be just fine!"

BUMPBUMP...BUMPBUMP...bump... This was the only sound both me and my family heard when escorted to our mother's room. I didn't even know plugs can be connected to so many different parts of the body until that very day. It's like I didn't even recognize the lady laying there. So many different thoughts were going through my head such as; who is this person, it can't be my mother, I spoke to her two days go. How did such a sudden thing happen? I should've realized that something was wrong, only if only I wasn't so caught up in my own personal life I could've saved her! The questions, guilt, along with everything else that came with losing someone so close to home was just too much to bear. I walked out and tried to get as far away as possible even if it was just for a few seconds just so I could control all the unraveling emotions and thoughts going through my