My Life Essay

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Every time I go around, he tellin me to slow, actin like I’m low down, no matter how sick my flow sound, man he just a clown, that other girl she be flossin, cookies she’ll be tossin, when they let the boss in, I’ma win, never lose cause I’m winnin, just got my shoppin done and I save a lot money. Have you ever had a dream deferred and your life stays the same Have you ever woken up to find that nothin gonna change Did you just give up or just give in Thinkin you can’t win Or did you realize that tomorrow Your destiny can begin Just hold on Don’t stop now Cause just around the corner there a chance for you You got a need To just believe So believe in you , A dream deferred can come true , A dream deferred can come true, I know it seems like tomorrow, Might not ever come , But a champion might lose some games, Before ever winning one, Keep pressing on, Keep going strong, Victory is in sight, You can only know what the end will be, If you step out on faith and try,

Inbox me , Don’t want everyone to know, Inbox me ,Get up on the dance floor ,Inbox me, Don’t leave me on the wall,