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September 4, 2013
“Autobiography: My reading life”
My earliest memory of reading was probably when I was in 1st grade. It was so nice because I didn’t have to have people read to me all the time. People still read to me but I have some freedom that I could read to myself and by myself. In 1st grade, the first book I read was a book called Charlotte’s Web. It was a good book. Some words I didn’t know so I had to ask the teacher for help. Then I saw the movie. Then I began reading more books as I got older. Now I read a lot of books. I love reading. I read every second that I can get. I love to read romance books, adventure books, scary books, just about every book. I also love to read Amish books. Those books are very interesting. I get to learn about their culture.
If I had to read any book for the rest of my life it would have to be the Amish books. They are the best. My relationship with reading is very good. Like I said before, I love to read all the time whenever I can. It makes be smart. I absorb so much stuff from reading. So many people watch tv and a lot of things that they watch gets absorbed into their brain and makes them different than when people read. Reading has changed my life. When I was like in middle school I used to watch tv like all the time. But my sister reads all the time and when I saw her reading all the time I wanted to do that to because I noticed that she was getting do smart and her vocabulary was growing and she is younger than me. So I started reading and I thought that it was the best thing ever.
In high school I still watched tv but I also read a lot more than I watched tv. Before I started to read I looked at all my friends and family that read like all the time and said to myself that I could never do it because it would take up all of my time and it would be hard for me because I used to get distracted like all the time whenever I was supposed to do something, not as much now.
One reason why I read is because reading improves my vocabulary. Reading improves my vocabulary because if I find a word in a book that I don’t know I want to look up the meaning of the word. Well sometimes. This way I know what the meaning of the word is. Another reason I read is because it shows me