Past Present And Future

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Past Present and Future

this essay is about a young muslim lady born in Khartoum, sudan that is very complex ,adaptable to situations but yet a gentle soul. Who overcame cultural personal and physical complications in her years.
Maliaka was born on September 19, 1970 as part of a group of triplets in a small village that her family dominated in Khartoum , sudan to the Muzakir family. Her parents were Malik Muzakir a native and Theresa Myers who was a native of Guadeloupe' a french island in the west indies. Within that time period in Khartoum only the muslim religion and culture was present. Maliaka was the 35 child of Malik who had a total of 9 wife's that consisted of 18 boys and 17 girls. However due to the unduly fact that her mother was not willing to convert to the muslim religion and become wife number 10 she was raised by her father solely with the seldom aide of her stepmothers. Learning how to be submissive was second nature by the age of 6. Schooling was every day 7 days a week with intervals of the 5 pillars of Allah which was mandatory. There were only three standards first standard which is the pre-school to 9th grade; Secondary- which was 10- the first year of college and finally Third standard which was equivalent to the sophomore year - a Bachelors degree in the United States Level of Education. Life was hard basically when she was shunned on both end of the family 1 because her facial characteristics was more of an islander profile that Sudanese as well as the only child that no wife was willing to take in as hers. So everywhere her father went she was the tag along on his coat-tail. One of her most awesome memories was the first time she met her mother at the age of 9 in an island called St. thomas United States Virgin Islands. Now she had an even larger family and what a deep breathe she took realizing I too have a mother that did love me and my sisters. She spent two months with her mother and other maternal siblings and up to this day claims it was one of her favorite memories. Upon her return home she was married thru a pre-arranged marriage at the age of 10 years old and a new chapter in her life began. There goes another reason to be adaptable and the complexity of her life restarted once again. However, she was allowed to go to her mom and complete her first 2 college degrees A.S in Registered Nurse (1992) & B.Sc in Biochemistry (1994); which she obtained in St. thomas Virgin Islands between the ages of 14 & 17 years of age. Shortly, there after 1 month prior to her 18th Birthday she was enlisted in the Army for 10 years and Resigned as A Sgt. 1st Class in 2005. From that point she has been traveling with her husband, who himself has been in the Navy for 25 years,that brings us to the present.
Today Maliaka is a 33 year old, presently residing in Pensacola, Florida on the West side of the county,right in the middle of Perdido. She is the mother of 1 child a 23 year old young man, whose name is Shakeem JahLuv-I Muzakir; and still the wife to Jonathan. Maliaka is currently running her own At Home Agent Business while attending Fortis College full-time to obtain her ASN in Nursing. She volunteers at the RoseWood Nursing Home on the Weekends, as well as for meals on wheels. Every tuesday night you can hear her spitting poetry at "The End of the Line Cafe, and first wendsday of each month at