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1) Abigail's threat to Mary and Mercy in Act I is very blunt in its meaning. If either of them tells the truth about the charade that she is engaged in, pretending to see spirits, identifying

2) Mrs. Putnam is hysterically concerned about getting justice for her dead babies. When things go wrong, the people of Salem need someone to blame for it.

4) Hale meant that his knowledge on religion must be perfect or it is meaningless. He believes in what he knows and is always willing to learn even more(ideology)

5) Danforth feels the law should be followed exactly, and that anyone who opposes the trials is trying to undermine him and his authority and the church. (pride)

6) Giles feels remorse and complete self-hatred for accidentally turning in his wife. This feeling of self-reproach is evident when Giles explains, "I will not give you no name. I mentioned my wife's name once and I'll burn in hell long enough for that. I stand mute" (97). Similarly, Giles is later regarded as a hero when he chooses to die before answering to his indictment(pride)

7) Danforth, speaking to Hale in an almost apologetic tone, shows that the internal logic of the witch hunt is starting to collapse. Earlier in the trials, he might have invoked the godliness of the condemnations as a reason for not granting pardons; now, he simply states that precedent has to hold, and that if he were to release Proctor and Nurse, he would effectively be conceding that the trials have been a