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bChijike Uka Ms. Pollock
U.S. History 1 October 8, 2013
Civil War CD Project

Topic: Abraham Lincoln’s election of 1860
Song: Presidents Rap by Smart Songs I chose this song because represents what each president did when they were elected. It talks about each individual and what they each did for the country. “Presidents, presidents, whom have we picked to be president, presidents, lets see, throughout America’s history, who’s made it into the presidency.” said Smart Songs. President Abraham Lincoln was not on top of the charts to be the next president at his time, but he still had a huge load of courage and fought until the presidential election was completely over. Many people remember President Lincoln as the man who abolished slavery throughout the United States. Lincoln was a major person in the United States and this song is meant for him and every other president who did work in the United States.
Topic: Fort Sumter
Song: Background by Lecrae I chose this song because in the beginning of the war when South Carolina declared its session and started the civil war between the north and the south, Fort Sumter was the beginning in where the first shots of the war started. Fort Sumter protected the people of the south. The song background is saying that we can take the background and be protected by God who has all the power. I’ve always tried to let God come first in everything I do. Just as I play the background on a regular basis, the people who used Fort Sumter as shelter from the North were the background in that situation. As it said in the song, “I can play the background, I can play the background, cause I know sometimes I get in the way, so wont you take the lead, lead, lead? So won’t you take the lead, lead, lead? And I can play the background, background, and you can the lead. Fort Sumter was the lead and the south military was the background.

Topic: Battle of Antietam
Song: Battle by Chris August I chose this song because it was the (Battle of Antietam) was the first battle that started the American civil war. This song talks about two sides and how it rages inside of him. This song relates to the (Battle of Antiatam) because there were two sides who thought they were both correct. The song starts by saying, “There’s a battle between good and evil and it’s raging inside of me.” At the end, when it says, “it’s raging inside of me.” you can relate that to how so many people had the courage to fight and how most died. (The Battle of Antietam) was the bloodiest single day battle in American history with 22,717 dead, wounded, and missing on both sides combined. That battle was big and a huge loss in the population of Americans.

Topic: Death of a soldier Song: Praise you in this storm by Casting Crowns I choose this son because losing a soldier in the military is like losing family. After losing your friend from a battle, men would be traumatized and full of anger. I lost my closest uncle in the military and I have been looking up to God for comfort. While I felt hurt and anger all over me, I just kept on praying things would get better for me and that this whole situation will pass after a long period of time. Going through my uncle’s death was the “storm” as it says in the title of the song. As it says in the story, “I’ll praise you in this storm, and I will lift my hands for you are who you are, no matter where I am. Every tear I cried, you hold in your hands, you never left my side and though my heart is torn. I will praise you in this storm.”

Topic: Battle of Gettysburg
Song: Anything could happen by Elle Goulding (The battle Gettysburg) basically proved that nothing is over until it’s over. Even though the south may have had bigger disadvantages than the north