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This world is full of people who do not really care about doing wrong things. These people are everywhere. We see people parking cars in handicapped spaces without permit or we see people who run a red light without caring about others. We also see people ignoring others in need. We need to be prepared for that situation. There are many reasons why we don’t help others, but I think I should.
People are afraid to help others for many reasons. One reason, it could be dangerous. We don’t know what kind of person we are going to help and could do harm to us if we try to help someone. I remembered I read a story in the newspaper about a man who wanted to help a woman on the street. This woman was attacked by the robber who wanted the woman’s money, so the man who was walking on the street tried to help the poor women. She is fine, but the man who helped her was killed by the robber. He had three children. Another negative season, it is express kidnappings. This phenomenon is common in Latin America countries. In my country Venezuela, we cannot give a ride or stop at the red light at night. Also, it is dangerous to help when you see someone asking for assistance on the road or highway.
Of Course, to help strangers does not always have a negative side. Sometimes we don’t help others because we don’t want to be judged. For example, some children would like to help avoid bulling in schools, but they decide not to help because they are afraid of being judged or become a victim. On the other hand, to help a stranger can leave a good feeling. I know a history that was rewarding. My cousin who was working as a valet parking in a rainy day, he saw a man who couldn’t get out of the car. My cousin approached to his car and gave him his umbrella. He worked all night and he came back home all wet. He helped a stranger that day. A few days later, the man came back and gave a good tip to my cousin and thanks for the helping hand.
Also, people tend to be selfish. How many times have you seen someone in trouble but we don’t help? That is because we think that people are self-sufficient or we just don’t care. As human being we have lost the sensitivity to others, as a result of this we have bystander phenomenon, which is see something and we don’t