My Life Essay

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I was born in Norfolk, Virginia on July 12, 1977. My grandmother had sixteen children, nine boys and seven girls. My mother is the fifth oldest child. I have one younger sister and one younger brother. I have five children of my own, four boys and one girl.

I have brown hair and dark blue eyes. I am five feet and four inches tall. I weigh about one hundred and sixty pounds. I like to keep my hair pulled back.

I would describe my personality as being quiet. I like to keep to myself most of the time. I like to make other people smile when they are feeling down. My weakness is that sometimes I go into a quiet spell where I don’t feel like talking to anyone and it hurts people’s feelings.

I don’t really have time for many hobbies because I spend a lot of time working to provide for my five children. When I do have time, I like to make sugar scrubs and bath salts for my friends and family. I also like collecting jars to decorate and use as gifts. I like to read crime books whenever I get the chance.

I only went to high school for a short time. I had two babies by the time I was a sophomore. I spent my freshman year with a homeschool teacher who didn’t always show up to help me with my schoolwork. When I returned to school the next year, I didn’t have anyone to help me take care of the babies so I had to stop going to school. I chose to come to learning connection so I can get my high school diploma for a couple…