Essay on My Life

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My Life

Jacqueline Stewart

PSY 101

Maura Pilotti

July 16, 2013


In this paper, I will take you on a brief journey exploring my childhood, my family, and my future. I was born in Augusta, Georgia at Talledga Memorial Hospital. I am the middle child, and have an older sister and younger brother. Growing up in the south in a small rural town to a single parent with three children . I remember on several occasion struggling as a family, but my mother worked harder.

From an early age, I understood the changes about to take place. My mother explained the facts of life to us and what society dictate as the norm. I noticed during birthdays and christmas boys received cowboy guns and holster sets, and the girls baby dolls as gifts. I wanted a cowboy guns and holster sets but were told that they were for boys. Later on growing up in high school girls were encouraged to take home economics and boys shop. The games we played were mostly outdoors like softball, basketball, and kickball and my favorite dodge ball. We never stayed inside, from eleven that morning until sun goes down we were outside playing. We found ways to entertain ourselves. My adolescence years were okay, a smooth transition. I followed the norm and went to college and got married.

The debate within the controversy is concerned with the extent to which particular aspects of behavior is either inherited genetic or learned. Nature is inherited / genetic material world. Nurture is all environmental influences , experiences. I would say that both nature and nurture had a big impact on my development. The bond with my family was very strong and loving , and the support from the neighborhood.


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