Napoleon Bonaparte Essay

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Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon was born in August 15, 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica in Italy. He was born into a family on noble Italian ancestry. Since France owns the island that Napoleon lives on he is a French citizen. In May 17, 1779 Napoleon goes to military school. Napoleon a few years later graduates from Ecole Militarie in Paris as a second lieutenant. Than in December 22,1793 Napoleon earns a promotion to brigadier general. Napoleon is made chief of the army of the interior, the promotion also makes him rich and famous. In March 9,1796 Napoleon marries Josephine comes from a wealthy family . In March 11, 1296 Napoleon commands the Italian army, in a series of battles against Austria. When Italy defeats Austria in October 1797, Napoleon is recognized as the world’s greatest military leader. A few years later Napoleon ends his marriage to Josephine, because she hasn’t had any children with him. Than one year later marries 18 year old Marie-Louis daughter of emperor of Austria. Then napoleon has his first son. Napoleon is a hero because the many battles he fought but its not just the battles its also about the things that he did that were good. Napoleonic Code is certain important provisions regarding the rule of law . Laws could be applied only if they had been duly promulgated, and then only if they had been published officially including provisions for publishing delays, given the means of communication available at the time. Thus, no secret laws were authorized. With regard to family, the Code established the supremacy of the man over the wife and children, which was the general legal situation in Europe at the time. A woman was given fewer rights than a minor. Divorce by mutual consent was abolished in 1804. His many accomplishments modified the French society and ultimately the civilized world. Not only did he better France through his domestic his many accomplishments modified the French society and ultimately the civilized world. Not only did he better France through his domestic policy, he also expanded the territory of France with many battles won through strategic warfare. He as well gave the citizens of France the sense of national identity and pride they needed.

Napoleon's domestic policy, "was his greatest legacy to France". His domestic policies had such an immense impact on the way of life in France that they are used today in the civilized world. Through his domestic policy, Napoleon created the Bank of France. By creating the Bank of France Napoleon stabilized the French economy where the previous leaders of France had failed and made the franc the highest currency in all of Europe. Napoleon claimed "Equality must be the first element in education". This was the basis of the educating system Napoleon strived for. The Education reforms which Napoleon introduced in 1802 allowed this equality to occur and enhanced the way of learning for all of the citizens. Finally the serious rift with the Roman Catholic Church was healed when The Concordat was introduced by Napoleon. Mending the rift between the Church and State allowed freedom of religion and rejuvenated the beliefs within the people of France. This contribution to France ended in French domestic tranquility. Napoleon was not only a great leader, he also was a military genius.

As a military genius, Napoleon won many battles to expand France and was always welcomed back to France as a hero. His use of strategic warfare throughout many battles allowed him to be seen as a hero not only in France but all of Europe. Although his army was outnumbered by the Russians and Austrians in December 2, 1805, Napoleon' brilliant strategies resulted in a defeat of the opposing armies in the Battle of Austerlitz. In many other battles that were fought and won by Napoleon, he would use his military experience and tactics to anticipate his opponent's attacks and defeat them no matter the odds. After winning many battles he expanded France by signing treaties