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My name My name is bob marley. My name came from my mom. She wanted Lexey even though it’s a common name, so she spelled it like I’ve never seen before. Most people spell it l-e-x-I-e or l-e-x-I but I spell mine l-e-x-e-y. I like my name because I never met or heard someone spell it like mine. I probably never change my name if I had a chance. I think it’s unique. If my name was a color it would be blue or green, I couldn’t decide. They are my two favorite colors. If my name was a song it would be “no faith in Brooklyn”. This song is like one of my favorite songs. The first time I listen to it, it fit my life story like no other song. If my name was a food it would be chocolate! Chocolate isn’t really a food but it over runs my other favorite foods, so I picked chocolate. I love the way it melts in your mouth. One kind of chocolate I don’t like though is dark chocolate. It’s so gross. If my name was one word or phrase I would have to be “I like it like that” it’s off of a kids bop CD in a song and it’s really funny I think. If my name was a car it would be a mustang GT. They are my favorite cars. The color would be black or a bright blue. The only thing is about I don’t like is the price. Honestly nobody does! If my name was any place in the world I would say California. That’s where I was born. I have always liked California. The weather is nice, no humility, and lots of beaches. If my name was a sport it would definitely be softball. That has been the sport