My Nursing Philosophy Essay

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To be a nurse is synonym of caring, compassion, assistance, support, and empathy. There are many other attributes that can be added to the nursing role toward the community, individual, geriatric, adult, and child. However, these five concepts are the bases for a nurse to provide the care needed of an unstable person. My nursing philosophy involves the four nursing metaparadigms, too.
Person: This is the most valuable identity in the plan of care. A person is the center of the other metaparadigms and it is the reason why a nurse exists to provide her service.
Environment: A well conditioning environment will provide patients/ person comfort and peace. Safety in the environment is of utmost importance for the relief and recovery of the ill.
Health: From the point of view of the individual, health may be stated or perceived in different definitions. Culture
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It is a combination of different grand and middle range theories such as Watson, Leininger, Henderson, Nightingale, among others. My nursing philosophy will follow the nursing process for guideline toward the resolution of any situation. Moreover, for me being a nurse, it is not only having things done. Firstly, it is to listen to the patient, client, and community, in order words, it accounts for assessment. There is always a problem statement that needs our participation. Secondly, create a plan of action to ease the ambient that may be hostile to the person, which may lead to aggravation of the illness - this includes the design, short term and long term goals and participation of the individual(s). Thirdly, my interventions will be focused on the attributes of caring, compassion, assistance, support, and empathy that are essential to solve those issues. Lastly, I will evaluate my interventions by means of client satisfaction linked to my key words principally and then medical