Essay on My Philosophy of Nursing

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Hi, my name is Shannon Everett, and I would like to talk to you about my personal definition of nursing. My personal definition of what a nurse should be was formed at a very early age for me. My mom and my best friend, was a RN, and the most wonderful ambassador for the profession. A nurse must possess a lot of different qualities. Of course she/he must be compassionate, this is a given, but also, so much more. The most important in the beginning of the nurse-patient relationship is trust, so the nurse must be trustworthy and ethical. The nurse must be a good communicator and be able to really hear what your patient is telling you. He/she must be competent and be able to perform multiple skills with expertise. Basically, the nurse is the patient advocate and is responsible for taking over when the patient can not physically or emotionally take care of themselves, but also teach the appropriate patient about health, wellness and disease prevention. My philosophy on nursing stems from my definition of nursing and what I believe to be true about my profession. I hold myself to a high standard with everything I do in my life. God plays a huge role in my everyday life and I trust in Him every time I have a patient’s care and life in my hands. I believe that the role of the nurse must include a wanting to deliver the best care and love for our fellow man, especially the afflicted. The nurse must be open to investigating alternate treatments or modalities that they practice, as the patient may have different