My Odyssey Essay

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My Odyssey

Odysseus was once a great Greek hero. He faced many monsters, such as the mammoth Scylla, Sirens, and Cyclops. Some of his flaws are having a big mouth and arrogance. He comes from the island of Ithaca, but returns as an old beggar twenty years later. I, however, am from a little town known as The Shire. Then years ago, I was asked by Gondor to fight against Mordor. They said I shall never return home. Or will I? As we approached Mordor, we could see Zeus’ eye that looked over everything. We approached the adversary’s gate and called upon them to begin the violent war. As the front gates opened, we all dropped our jaws at how formidable the army looked. It was a long, drawn out battle but Gordor eventually won with a little over 1,000 men left. However, towards the end of the battle, I was captured and held hostage for three years! But, during the battle, Zeus’ eye was destroyed. After a few months, I started figuring out ways in my mind that would let me escape with being killed. I decided to recite a riddle and if he couldn’t answer it, he would let me go freely. He just couldn’t answer the riddle. With Zeus’ eye being destroyed, Zeus would not want me to reach my homeland. I eventually got stranded on an abandoned island with my remaining survivors. We started roaming the island until we heard loud noises and footsteps. What could it be? It was only the island of the Cyclopes. Considering one of my biggest flaws is a lack of common sense, I didn’t know how to kill these creatures. Then a miracle happened. One of my men threw a sword at one of the Cyclopes’ eye and blinded him. After we managed to kill the entire group of Cyclops, I noticed only 300 men were survivors. Meanwhile, my backstabbing friend started flirting with my wife. This only occurred because everybody at The Shire did not see me come home yet and assumed I was dead. After my men boarded the ships again, I sent a prayer to Poseidon to send me in the direction of my home. After that, I prayed to Apollo to turn me into a teenager to disguise myself when I got back to The Shire. As I got closer to Gondor’s harbor, I noticed myself getting younger. I ended up arriving at Gondor alone as a massive storm hit us on the way back and somehow, I was the only survivor. By now, you’re probably wondering how I got into this mess. So, here is how my miraculous journey came into existence. After being asked to fight against Mordor, I figured it would probably be a long, tough, tiring journey. Of course, with one of my flaws being procrastination, I ended up waiting for the last possible moment to pack my items. It was finally time to depart for Gondor. I was in such a rush that I didn’t have any time to double check my equipment and belongings. So after one year passed and I reached Gondor, I realized I forgot my sword. This was not good; I always fought with my sword, nothing else. I started panicking because I forgot my sword and Gondor knew of no extras they could lend me. This must’ve looked good to an ally. A person forgetting the one thing they need for the war. Yeah procrastination beat me on this occasion. After settling in for a little bit and taking a little nap, I walked around the town aimlessly, blanched from being uncomfortable. I used this time to get used to where everything was in this city. However, I found something shiny lying on the ground a few feet up and diagonal in the corner of a wall. I became curious and went to go look at it. “What could it be?” I silently asked myself. It was a sword! I would actually have something to fight with! As soon as I picked it up, I knew this would be the sword I’d be fighting with against Mordor. As I lifted it from its scabbard, and knew that it was perfect; even better than my own sword. The weight of it was just right and the mobility I maintained while swinging it was phenomenal. The sword was really shiny and looked brand new