My Sisters Keeper Essay

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Kate Fitzgerald is only two years old when she is diagnosed with a rare form of Leukeamia. Her mother Sara wants do to whatever it takes to save her child. But isn’t she going too far? This analysis is about an amazing story about a girl who was conceived to spend her life as a donator for her sister. She spends her whole life in hospitals trying to save her sister’s life. But is it all worth it? And does her sister even want her to do all this? In this book analysis I’ll tell you all about this beautiful story.
1: Anna, Sara Fitzgerald’s youngest daughter was created to donate bone marrow to her older sister Kate. They created a baby that could function as a suitable donor. This baby was Anna. Anna donated genetic material
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Brian on the other hand does. He talks to Sara but he can’t get through to her. This quote shows what Brian is trying to tell her. ‘She is dying Sara. She will die, either tonight or tomorrow or maybe a year from now if we’re really lucky. You heard what Dr. Chance said. Arsenic’s not a cure. It just postpones what’s coming.’ Sara will not let her daughter die! Eventually the conflict is resolved. It comes out that it wasn’t Anna’s idea. Sara eventually accepts the fact that Kate wants to die. At the end of the story Kate dies. Sara realizes that it was wrong to only put her focus on Kate. She had two other kids to who she didn’t pay attention.
. What are the exposition, rising action, climax, and falling action of the story?
The rising action starts when Anna decides to file lawsuit against her parents. At first her parents didn’t take her serious. When eventually the trial begins and Anna tells her parents what she really wants.
The point that Anna admits that Kate told her to start the lawsuit is definitely the climax of the story. major conflict · Anna Fitzgerald files a lawsuit against her parents for medical emancipation so that she will no longer be forced to act as a donor for her older sister Kate, who has struggled with cancer almost her entire life. rising action · Despite Kate’s failing health and Sara’s insistence that Anna change her mind, Anna’s lawsuit progresses and the trial begins. After much hesitation, Anna takes