Essay about My Sister's Keeper

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Spring 2013
Essay 1 Narrative
My Sister’s Keeper My father, in his younger, wilder days made a careless decision that lead to the birth of my older, half-sister Sarah. Her mother and my father were not ready for parenthood, so without letting my dad know, she took Sarah to Texas. There, she gave her up for adoption to a family friend. Years later my sister’s adopted mother, Mary St.John, contacted my younger sister through Facebook, resulting in my family and I finding my long lost sister. This was all so out of the ordinary for me, so of course I was slightly uneasy. Although nervous, I wanted to know more about my sister. My family and I met up with Sarah and her adopted family a few times after finding each other, but it was when I went by myself to visit her, that my sister and I really clicked. Since Sarah is majoring in Business Administration at SHSU, and with Professional Golf Management specialization, she interns at different golf courses every summer. The summer I went to visit, she was interning at a small golf course in Park City, Utah. I was extremely anxious to see her again. So, I flew straight across the U.S. to Salt Lake City where Sarah was waiting for me at the airport. When I found her, I threw my luggage down and yelled, “Sarah” She turned around and we hugged for a good five minutes. After leaving the airport, we went and ate at a Mexican restaurant. There learning we had yet another thing in common, our love for Mexican food. We drove back to her apartment where she was staying for the summer. When Sarah and I walked through the door, all her intern friends met us, eager to meet me. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out and having a wonderful time getting to know each other. The next day Sarah took a day off from working at the golf course and we spent the day sightseeing around Park City, Utah. We went to the place where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held. Sarah and I zip lined, rock climbed, and did all sorts of things the place offered. The next thing on our to-do list involved something else we had in common, shopping. We went to a town thirty minutes or so from Park City, Utah where there was a nice, big mall filled with all of our favorite stores. So we did what most girls do best, shop and spend money. Sarah and I also decided to go watch a new comedy movie that was playing in theaters since we both loved comedy movies. My sister and I were having a blast getting to know each other. I thought to myself, “Where has this girl been all my life?” Sarah went to go work at the golf course