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Principles of Marketing Project
Out of the four different classes that exist in the social world, I would definitely belong to the Middle Class because I have a good household income, I go to a nice school, I have all the popular brands, and my mom has a good job at the college. Since I am a minor, by default, I would be in the same social class that my mother belongs to. For us to move up in the social classes my mom would have to get a higher income, and we would have to live in a better house and a better neighborhood than the one we live in now. My mom would also have to get her Ph.D for her to be able to get a high paying job for us to move up in social classes.
When looking into the four main social classes, they differ greatly in what products appeal to them. For instance, the upper class is attracted to more luxurious products like BMW, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. The middle class is attracted to less luxurious products like Chevrolet, American Eagle, Sperry, and Oakley. The working class is generally attracted to the cheaper products and lesser known brands like Geo, Faded Glory, Vans, and Panama Jack. Finally, the lower class would most likely buy their cars off used car lots and shop for their clothing and accessories at Goodwill. The upper class also owns more than one home, and they send their kids to the top-rated private schools; most of the middle class attends a public school, and owns one average sized house. The working class and the lower