My Speech To The Masses Essay

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Mara Kebret
Mr. Abramson
English 10 H
My Speech to the Masses Dear supporters of Brutus, I am not trying to alienate you, but merely trying to share my reasoning, so please listen. The matter at hand is the determining of whether or not the death of our leader, Julius Caesar, was just. Let us examine Brutus’s claims of his lust for power and his high ambition. Though, let us not forget all he has done for our great city.
As most of you have forgotten, Caesar gave Rome most, if not all of its many successes. Contrary to Brutus’s belief, our dear Caesar truly cared about his city, more than he cared about himself. He was always concerned of the well being of his home and its inhabitants. His intentions were good, let us not forget. Caesar was also one of the most humble leaders we have had. Yet Brutus, who is no doubt an honorable man, said he was ambitious. Let us recall when Caesar was offered the crown. Thrice he was offered it, and thrice he rejected it. He was content in his position; his actions are that of a humble man’s. How can this be ambition? Most importantly, while searching through our dearly departed’s quarters, we found his will. In it, Caesar gives 75 drachmas to every Roman citizen! He was definitely not the greedy, gluttonous man he was thought to be. Instead he was pious and generous beyond compare. Julius Caesar was an intelligent, humble, and giving leader. We must never forget him and all his good works. His assassination