Myth Legend Essay

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Rainbow and the Miracle

A thousand colors ago, when earth used to be just plain, black and white, the daughter of Iris and Miracles the goddess and god of the gem amethyst was born. Her name was Rainbow the goddess of colors. She was a bright child. She was the best artist in her school. She was born with wings because she is half angel half mortal. One day rainbow was sick of using black and white for everything. Like I mentioned before, the earth they live in is black and white. So rainbow went for a walk to find something to paint with. When she laid her eyes on the beautiful, magenta rose, she joyfully yelped “OH MY!” She sprinted to it and touched it, but it was a trick the rose was a curse. Whoever touches the first true color, will never lay a finger on a paintbrush again, and if they did they will vanish to the underworld forever. The only way the curse may be broken is if she goes to Mount Olympus and climbs the mountain where beholds the first glowing gem, not only will the curse be broken, but she will unlock all the colors that no one has ever laid their eyes on and she will be the goddess of all colors. Lend me your ears and listen to this fantastic, adventurous tale of how Rainbow becomes the goddess of colors. The next day Rainbow began her quest. Her best friend Mackerel God of the fish did not let her go alone. They set out at noon. The day was long. Soon Rainbow and Mackerel got tired. They started a fire. Before they put it out Mackerel told Rainbow “Whatever happens I will not leave you behind.” Rainbow knew taking Mackerel was a good idea because nothing felt better than her comfort with him, after all he was her best friend since art school, and if she can never touch a paintbrush he will not either. The next day was the last day till they get to their destination unluckily the met with thieves. The two kids were surrounded, but were they were there were many little animals. Just because there little did not mean they were not fast or strong. They were tree huggers, literally. They attacked them and the