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When I was younger my parents brother, uncle, aunt, cousin, my great-grandmother, and myself would go down to Tybee Island and spend several days down there. I remember my mom packing all of me and my brother’s clothes, and then she and my dad packing the car the night before. The next morning we would pick up my grandmother and drive to an iHOP and eat breakfast before my nanny paid the bill and we would leave for the five hour long drive.

Since my brother and I were little when we used to go the trip always seemed longer than five hours, and because my cousin, brother, and I were all under ten the trips were probably longer than five hours. My brother and I probably fought in the car, and would say, “Are we there yet.”, and my parents probably said, “No not yet.”, and “Go to sleep you’ll get there sooner if you sleep.” I don’t really remember what Andrew and I did in the car, but we survived until lunch. I remember I liked the idea that a county was named after me even though the county had been there for a long time. My cousin Joey asked me if I owned the county.

When we arrived at Savannah sometimes we would check in at a little office or we would go to the hotel and check in there. Once my parents, aunt and uncle, and nanny would get the keys to our rooms. After we all unpacked we would go get swim in the pool and then go out for dinner. The next day we would go out for breakfast at the breakfast club come home and change into our bathing suits then go to the beach.

On Saturday and Sunday we would spend our time going back and forth between the pool and the beach. At the beach the skies were blue, the sand white, and the ocean greenish blueish, all in all it was a perfect day. Sometimes we would go somewhere on the island to site see, we might go on a dolphin seeing boat ride or we would go to Savannah and go out to dinner and then we might stay on the island for dinner.