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Brian Regel 2/06/14
Eng-102-710 Narrative Non-Fiction

One of the most controversial topics in America is abortion. This country is almost spilt in half about the topic. People can get very sensitive over the topic. Some base their religious beliefs, some follow what scientific facts say about abortion, and others have experienced it inside their families or their own lives. Ever Since Roe v. Wade the split has gotten bigger, the opinions have gotten stronger, and there has been more push to keep the ruling or overturn it. The topic comes up in almost every political election. For some people it’s the deciding factor on which candidate they’ll be voting for. People get passionate about this very controversial topic. Although there are some people that have strong feelings about it but they keep it to themselves. In schools its mostly taboo to talk about. The only class that I had in high school, which we spoke of this, was constitutional law and that was only because we were going over the Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade. Even when the discussion came up, people didn’t really give their personal feelings, they more talked about the facts of the case. Maybe because it was a public school where topics such as this really weren’t talked about too much. Teachers weren’t really supposed to give their personal opinions, just teach the class. Now the catholic school my sister goes to teaches that abortion is wrong and it is a great sin. Being a catholic school they’re aloud to teach this because the students pay to go there, its not run by the state, and that’s the belief of the Catholic Church. Now people tend to get their opinions from their elders, their family, the environment in which they were raised. Now the main point that almost all pro-life people give is that a pregnant woman who is not ready to be a mother could simply give the child up for adoption. Now personally I happen to think this is a very smart idea, because there are several children in my family that were adopted. Even a few of my uncles are not direct blood to the rest of the family. There really isn’t much anything wrong with adoption. According to 9/10 parents have great relationships with the children. This statistic should be true; I’ve seen all the adopted people in my family having amazing relationships with their parents as well as the rest of the family. Most adoptions are very successful when it comes to raising the child. They all live normal lives, different lives from if they weren’t put up for adoption. That is normal though, the child is in a different environment and surrounded by different people. Maybe this should be something more pregnant women should do, should they not be ready for parent hood. There are plenty of married couples that are incapable of giving birth to a child. Many women are infertile so their only option is to adopt. There is also single men and women that just haven’t settled down but want a child.
In the United States there are two types of adoptions, independent and agencies. Independent is set up through a lawyer and arrangement with the birth mother. The adopting parents still have to go through a background check and have proper paper work, hence the lawyers job. These independent adoptions are mostly done with infants, so the adopting parents go home with a newborn baby. In the United Sates about 55% of newborn adoptions are completed through independent adoptions. The advantages of a independent adoption is that adoptive parents are reassured that they are dealing with the birth parents directly, instead of an agency as a go-between the parents. The adoptive parents don’t have to worry as much that the adoption will fall through. They get to meet the birth parents and talk with them about the adoption. Independent adoptions don’t have to deal with long wait lists, and usually happen much faster. Parents usually wait about a year before finding a