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Quapaw Tribe
● The Quapaw people speak english today.In the past , they spoke their native
Quapaw Language.
● Quapaw is pronounced “qua

paw.” it comes from their own tribal name , which means “downstream people”.
● The Quapaw live in reservation , which is land that belongs to them and is under their control.
● The Quapaw Nation has its own government ,laws, police, and services , just like a small country .
● The Quapaw Indians are original people of Arkansas, Missouri , Mississippi, and Tennessee.
● The Quapaw are members of the Dhegiha Siouan language group , which also include the Osage ,the Omaha , the Ponca, and the Kansa.
● Quapaw was divided into two larges moieties (divisions)-Earth and Sky-and into twenty-one clans.
● Quapaws villages included longhouses occupied by several families surrounding the central plaza.
● A council house for the meetings of the village chief and elders was closest to the plaza.
● There is lively scholarly debate about the origins of the Quapaw and their presence in Arkansas.
● Quapaw population figures differ greatly in the late seventeenth century and in the eighteenth century. Estimates range from 3,500 to 7,500 . After the smallpox epidemic of 1698 , population declined dramatically ,numbering from
800 to 1,200 .
● Quapaw population was estimated at the same level at the 1740s as in 1698 at the end of that year’s epidemic-about 1200.
● Epidemics of an unknown dragged the population down under 500 around the
● At the time of the Louisiana Purchase , the Quapaw population stood at 555 in three villages located on the south bank of Arkansas River . The first village ,
Kappa, under the tribe’s principal chief, Wah-pah-tee-see, had a population of
160; the second , Tourima , under Etah-sah , had a population of 166; the third
Osotouy , under Wah-to-nee-ka , was a largest with 299 . By 1811 , when the first U.S. census was taken , white settlers 1,062 of them , outnumbered the
Quapaw two-to-one .The wave of American immigration Arkansas , while smaller than that coming into Missouri and Louisiana , overwhelmed them.
● In 2014 Quapaw purchased 160 acres of land in Pulaski County , stating that they wanted reestablish their presence in Arkansas .They have not ruled out the possibility of building on the land, possibly to establish a casino or oher business. ● The federal government responded by awarding one–fourth of the Quapaw annuity to the Arkansas band, but , in hopes of persuading Sarasin and his band to leave Arkansas again, prohibited them from using the annuity money to buy land. ● Many Quapaw became squatters on land near Pine Bluff (Jefferson County), farming and hiring themselves out to pick cotton hunt game for while families.
● By 1830, all of the Quapaw has returned to Arkansas
● In 1832 the Quapaw finally received annuity payments that had been denied them for years .
● Today most of the Quapaw Nation resides on northeastern Oklahoma with the tribal headquarters in Quapaw , Oklahoma .
● In 1956, the Quapaw Business Council succeeded the traditional leadership of chiefs as