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Native Americans and Americans were not the best of friends between the 1800s and 1900s. Whether it was the Americans relocating the Native Americans or the Native Americans fight the Americans with the Europeans. Like at the start of slavery, the white Americans did not understand that blacks and whites are equal now they do not understand that the Native Americans are equal too. The American Federal Government and the Native Americans have been through presidential rule, Dawes Act, and back-and-forths in their relationship together.
The Native Americans unlike the Americans were forced to move around constantly from one reservation to another. The seventh president of the Unites States, Andrew Jackson, had brought his hate of Indians into his presidency term. In the Supreme Court case Worchester v. Georgia, Chief John Marshall ruled that Georgia did not have any jurisdiction over the Cherokee lands. Unfortunately Georgia ignored the Supreme Court decision and Jackson refused to intervene in the occurring process of moving the Native Americans. Once the Native Americans were moved west, there were occasions where the Native Americans would return east and try to fight for their land back.
The unexpected nice thing that the Federal Government did for the Native Americans was their gift of schools. But with every nice thing that America does, there is usually a down side: kids were separated from their parents, forced to cut their hair, they were forbidden to speak their language, they were given new names, denied the practice of their religion, and they were forced to forfeit their tribal identities. The Dawes Act came in to the Native American lives like a dream, it stated that reservation land will be divided into individual 160-acre plots for each Native American family, unmarried Native Americans were to receive eighty acres of land, and everyone to receive land also received title to the land and citizenship after twenty five years. After the Dawes Act came the Indian Reorganization Act designed to decrease the federal control of Native Americans with an increase of self-government.
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