The Fall Of The Native American Nation As A Result Of Another Nation's Greed

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Running Head: The fall of the Native American Nation as a result of another nation’s greed

The fall of the Native American Nation as a result of another nation’s greed 2

The indigious people to this land we now call America were forced from there homes, into labor and religion. These people were treated in such a way that most of the population died off and it was all because the Europeans wanted more, more land, more trading rights, more slaves. The few people we have that are distant relatives of these people are given specific rights and lands, but the respect for these things isn’t always given.

The fall of the Native American Nation as a result of another nation’s greed 3

There are many topics to discuss when it comes to the Europeans ‘finding’ America and meeting the Natives, along with the events that occurred following this. The Natives were indigenous people to these vast and beautiful lands that were traded off and savagely taken from them due to the Europeans tremendous amount of greed. Men, women and children were enslaved and forced into Christianity and labor. Many were abused and shipped across seas like they were some sort of household product. Due to all of this, most of the population died off and we have very few Natives living in the USA today.
Taking of lands
The Native culture was very verbal they used no written rules or deeds to lands, it was spoken and people respected it. The Europeanist noticed this and found them to be illiterate and thus began taking advantage of them in any way they could. The trading industry was one of the first things they conquered, they had so many new and wonderful things they natives had never seen before and they were desperate to get them. People started trading off lands for both goods and necessities the Europeanists had to offer. The trading industry helped spread mass sickness and much of the population died off because they had no medicine to cure theses new diseases. People grow immunity to illnesses that they experience, or medicines were created to treat them, but when an unknown illness is introduced there is no way of stopping it this left a lot of the tribes with very few people, and a lot of land. This caused lands to start being traded left and right because people were desperate to get what they needed to survive and were willing

The fall of the Native American Nation as a result of another nation’s greed 4

to give whatever they had to get it. Native Americans started becoming allies to the Europeanists, even against their beliefs, in order to survive. Stuart Banner, a law
Professor admits that between the times of the early seventeenth century to the end of the nineteenth century, nearly the entire land area of the Untied States was transferred from Indian to non-Indian ownership. When this began, the Natives started heading west to find a new home, while the south was being taken over faster than anyone could have imagined. The Natives were forced west where they were promised lands that would be untouched, but that did not last for long. “Proclamation of 1763, declared the entire continent west of the Appalachian Mountains off-limits to white settlers. Of course, settlers ignored the Proclamation, as did land speculators like George Washington, who instructed his agents to buy as much Indian land in the west as possible while keeping ‘this whole matter a profound secret’ because of its illegality.”(Eric Foner, Par.3) A very short time later these lands began to be traded from individual tribes to the settlers through treaties which would give them rights to trading and specific lands. This started a huge chain of settlers wanting more Native lands, and that’s exactly what they got. Soon enough, the proclamation was forgotten about, and it wasn’t illegal to purchase these lands…