Natural Environment and Environmental Heroes Essay

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Environmental Heroes: Anyone Can Be One Worksheet

Part 1
Instructions: Select an organization that works to protect some element of the environment (ocean, land, trees, animals, etc.). Visit the organization’s website, and read the “About Us” section to learn more about the organization. Search to find the following information and record your findings in the chart below:
Essential Questions
The Answers
Who is the organization? Wildlife guardians
When were they founded? They were founded in 1989
Why were they founded? (This information may be found in an “Our Mission” section of the website.) They work to protect and restore wildlife, wild places, wild rivers, and health in the American west.
What do they actually do? Advocating to end activities that threaten to destroy public wetlands in the American west.
What are their goals? (This information may be found in an “Our Vision” section of the website.) Wild earth guardians wants a world where wildlife and wild places are respected not being treated wrong.
Why is their work important? So thee can be more animals that are not in extinction and dying out because of people not treating them right.

When you record information from research, write it in your own words. Do not copy the words from your source. It is easy to get a thought in your own words! First, read the paragraph. Next, explain aloud what you have just read without referring to the original text. What you say is what you should record in the chart above.
Part 2
Now that you have completed some research, you have a job! Answer the question: How has your selected organization helped the environment?

Write a five to seven sentence informational paragraph about the important work of the organization you have selected. Use the information you recorded in the chart above to help you write your paragraph to be featured on a webpage entitled “Environmental Heroes: Anyone Can Be One.”

All information should be in your own words. No portion of your paragraph should have words from the source you researched. In the website called Wildlife