Nature vs. Nurture Essay

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Nature vs. Nurture
“we all born mad,some remain so”.(Samuel Beckett) want it or not,we come to this world with a pre-determined identety that we have no power over it.A set of parameters, like our parents, form the blueprint of what we are.from this point,we are somehow consciously aware of the influences we are exposed to.I am going to discuss the superiority of nurture over nature, in the process of what we become.The issues involved, are family,values of the society, and the academic setting one lives in. The most influential factor, is family.When a child is born, and his/her brain is fresh,it starts to receive input from its parents.If its parents are merry or despondent ,quarrelsome or kind towards each other, the child quickly adopts that quality.On the higher level,the beliefs of the parents push their child into some ideas.Admittedly,that is inevitable.The career of them has an important touch on the child, as well.Think about a child, whose father is a doctor, and the one, who is a businessman.Clearly, the mindset of the two child about education and business varies to a large degree. The values of the society are crucial,because every person is constantly is exposed to them.They say a picture worth a thousand words.To make my case more tangible,compare these two imaginary societies.People in one are constantly exposed to propaganda,they enjoy and participate in it.They line up for milk and meat.Their sole objective in life is mony,they are after trivial things,favoritism and shinanigans are the accepted norms.People on the other society, line up for the newly-released books,they go to theater,they are after