Nature Vs Nurture Research Paper

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Nature vs. nurture is a debate, particularly in the behavioral science. Both are possible answers to the question how a person’s personality and character develop. The debate asks whether a person’s character is set from birth or if it is a product of environment, such as how they are raised and who they are influenced by. Nature is considered what you are born with or your heredity is how you act. Nurture is considered the environment that you live in influences an individual. Nurture is more important in developing a person because despite a person’s genetic coding, the parents and the adults that a child is subjected to will play a greater role in the child’s development. Nurture has the greater impact and influence over a person. Furthermore, nurture is more important in shaping a human being because there are multiple factors that can influence a person differently, even if they have the same genetic background. Each person comes from different backgrounds, religions, and environments, which are all external factors that play a large role in the development of an individual. Television and video games are just some of the more specific environmental factors that can affect a person. Clearly, there are many more aspects of the nurture debate that contribute to the argument that a person’s upbringing is what will influence their development. For example, little kids that watched cartoons that have bad words in it such as American Dad, Spongebob, and Family Guy will influenced by how they talk. Most children’s cartoons are bad influence because there is sex, violence, and etc.; all kids are going to imitate something, even in the real world, parents just needed to supervise their kids better. The parents should have also talked to the kids about the difference of cartoons and reality. Some of the video games are really violence but parent’s still buy it for their children. It’s really all about the environment surrounding them as a kid. Nurture strongly influences early human development because of their surrounding environment and how parents raised their children. In my experience, if my parents raised me I would be dumb and bad. I’m not saying that they are bad parents; I’m just saying my parents are too busy working hard for us. They didn’t have time to take care of me. So, my grandmother and my aunt did the job. They raised me