Social Inclusion And Inclusion

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Part A My essay will examine five ways of identifying a setting as inclusive. I work as a nanny in a sole charge role, in a family home. I work with a family of 3 children, one of the little girls has additional needs and she attends a special needs school. I will reflect on my life experiences and the course material within this essay and how this has influenced my understanding of inclusion. Inclusion is about feeling like you belong, being valued and feeling happy within the setting and the local community, regardless of social backgrounds, age and ability. The five criteria I have chosen are The name of the setting, social inclusion, the curriculum, setting funding, and the view of inclusion presented. I have chosen these criteria as …show more content…
The Aspen 2 students take part in P.E all together and its adapted to their needs. Deri View is a school with the Acorn Childrens Centre attached to it. The school offers primary aged teaching with the Acorn Centre ranging from pregnancy to 13 years old. The Acorn Centre works with the local community to provide children with a breakfast club. The centre offers adult learning and services for parents to use e.g. the crche for when they go to study at the centre. Maggie Teague the head teacher at Deri View comments 70 of our pupils parents were unemployed now that has gone down to between 30 and 40. I am certain the school has an impact, because of the number of parents who have started with us through family learning are now in employment (E214,DVD2). The curriculum The Pen Green centre offers a wide and varied curriculum staff members observe childrens patterns of learning and make action plans on the children to help with planning activities that are age and stage appropriate. The centre records videos of the children which is known as the PICLE involvement, this allows parents to view what their children have been doing at nursery and can link in with what the child is doing at home. Sheena Griffiths-baker explains about the PICLE group There are several PICLE groups, so there will be morning