Artie Cleo Whitley Robinson

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Artie Cleo Whitley Robinson was an Amazing, kind, loving, graceful, God loving woman. She was a wonderful daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. My memaw grew up with one brother, had three great sons, who gave her SEVEN grandkids all boys but me, and 13 Great grand’s!! The bond between my memaw and I was very close, she was my everything and thought me that the lord and family are number one! I can remember her telling me and all of her Daughter-in-laws that we were the daughters she never got to have. My memaw loved SWEETS oh boy how she loved sweets! Everyone knew that about her, she taught me to how bake and all of the grandkids LOVED going to memaw and papas because we always knew there would be a cake waiting on us! My memaw loved the lord, I can remember waking up and going to her chair and sharing the recliner with her while we would watch the Christian station, or before church in the morning she would let me to go into her closet and choose a pair of shoes or some type of jewelry to wear, it made me feel so privileged and honored to be able to wear something of hers to church!! I could tell even tell retold stories of her younger years and how she had a mean side because she always kept that white belt behind the door for my dad and uncles when they acted badly, I can remember thinking “OH NO not my memaw she would never spank anyone!!” I could go on and on about all the wonderful memories shared with my memaw and I know all the kids could talk