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October 6, 2014

Neighborhood Analysis: Bond Hill
Table of Contents
1. Settlement History
2. Real Estate Prices and Overview
2.1. Neighborhood Characteristics
A.Modes of Transportation
B.Real Estate
2.2 The Neighbors
B.School Health
C.Quality of life
F.Ethnicity / Ancestry
H.The Mortality or Death in Bond Hill
3. Bound Hill Crime Information.

The selection you are faced is about my neighborhood analysis in Bound Hill. In order to better understand the analysis, I will first go over facts about its history, then I will talk about its real estate prices and overview, and I will end with its crime information.
1. History of Bond Hill
Bond Hill is a neighborhood that is located in the city of Cincinnati in the state of
Ohio. This area originated in 1871 and it was first known as a railroad suburb.
Bond Hill spans an area of 5.323 square miles. The transportation system for this neighborhood includes highways, avenues, roads, streets and two railroads. Bond
Hill lies close to the Mill Creek area, an urban upstream. Bond Hill is located in the southwestern part of Ohio. The Marietta-Cincinnati Railroad runs through
Bond Hill. In 1886, this neighborhood became incorporated as a village. New homes were built in the 1930s. In 1964, black families began to settle the area.
Before the 1930s, Bond Hill was a rural area that was surrounded by dairy farms and orchards. During this time, Bond Hill was a popular picnic destination for many. This was because of the beautiful meadows. Residential areas soon replaced the dairy farms and industrial businesses replaced the orchards. A large shopping center was built in Bond Hill in the 1950s. Bond Hill has much natural beauty in its landscape like sloping hills that overlook the river. Located nearby are theaters and museums which attract visitors from near and far. These museums educate visitors about the history of the area. Real estate in this area is on the rise as it has so much to offer like homes, apartments and property for rent or sale. The school system that serves the Bond Hill area includes public and private schools along with a large public library. Bond Hill is the perfect place for those planning to retire as it has group homes and assisted living facilities. A major hospital is located just three miles away. Bond Hill has four major hospitals that are located within a five mile radius. There are many restaurants that include dining and fast-food services located nearby. You can choose from a variety of cuisines for you and your guests to enjoy while visiting the area. These restaurants include American, Cajun, Creole, Greek,
Italian and many more. Bond Hill has a local ice cream company that was founded in 1870. This ice cream company has been serving the residents and visitors of

Bond Hill since it was founded. Just recently, the ice cream company built a new facility that cost $11 million. The company now distributes ice cream to Ohio and
Colorado. The ice cream company is known as Graeter's Facility.
2. Real Estate Prices and Overview
Bond Hill median real estate price is $95,516, which is more expensive than 35.6% of the neighborhoods in Ohio and 20.9% of the neighborhoods in the U.S.
The average rental price in Bond Hill is currently $528, based on
NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive analysis. Rents here are currently lower in price then 65.8% of Ohio neighborhoods.
Bond Hill is a suburban neighborhood (based on population density) located in
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Bond Hill real estate is primarily made up of small (studio to two bedrooms) to medium sized (three or four bedrooms) small apartment buildings and singlefamily homes. Most of the residential real estate is occupied by a mixture of owners and renters. Many of the residences in the Bond Hill neighborhood are relatively historic, built no later than 1939, and in some