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Reflection paper Housing and Community

A number of article and movies have been published and produced, analyzing the social environment, changes that occur, and effects of these changes. The articles and movies in most cases conclude by providing intervention techniques that can be employed to facilitate normalcy amid the changes. This paper reviews examples of such articles and films, describing the thoughts, support or criticism and conclusions that can be drawn out of such articles and videos. It also analyzes the effect they have on perceptions of housing and community, and whether the message in the papers and videos change any aspect of thinking through the lessons learnt.
The articles have a common theme of, “sustainability in the enhancement of great and accommodative public environments and settings, including household and social public environment”. The articles outline the elements that make a household or a community be considered as great and sustainable as; security, good social interactions, good character and personality of the people, utility, protection and enhancement of natural resources and environment, accessibility and room for easy mobility as well as the sustainable designs existing. The articles and films point to the overall goal of the elements as geared towards sustenance of living conditions despite the changes in different aspects of life. In general, the elements that support quality living and does away with dependency.
The people responsible for infrastructure and structure development, at whatever level in the society, should refer to such articles and films and define preferred ways through which the public should design the two concepts. The action would be a good starting point at preservation of the social and natural environment through existence of friendly activities and structures. The authority should step in to tighten this up by institutionalization of rules, regulations and penalties. If properly put in place as evident in the movies and articles, preservation aimed at both individual and environmental preservation will become effective.
Support and criticism
The articles and films are good because they aim at environmental and social preservation through including even the economic aspect. They, therefore, provide good platforms for analysis of effects of changes in the ecosystem, economic development trends, security, use of streets on public and environmental heath. With these outlined, mistakes can be realized, and proposed solutions implemented to improve life and environmental quality.
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