Network Security Proposal Essay

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Joe Bailey
Network Security Proposal
Fixem Orthopedic Therapy is a physical therapy facility that treats people who are recovering from various musculoskeletal surgeries. The company is based in Southern Maryland and consists of three separate offices: one in Brandywine, one in Indian Head, and an office that was recently built in Waldorf. These offices connect to each other through WAN links, and they are also capable of connecting to local doctors’ offices which allows patient records to be easily sent from a patient’s doctor to the facility that needs them. Fixem Orthopedic must ensure that only authorized individuals, mainly the receptionists and physical therapists, can have access to these sensitive records.
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The physical therapists should not have access to the accounting records, for example. Only the receptionists should be able to view that data. The network administrator will be the only person who is allowed to assign or change permissions.
To better ensure the ongoing operations of Fixem Orthopedic, all equipment must be secured in a way so that only authorized individuals, mainly the network administrator, will have access to them. This includes locking all servers, routers, switches, etc. in a room that only the administrator and CEO have a key to. All equipment should also be marked and accounted for. If a piece of equipment was to stop working, the administrator could easily order replacement hardware without having look through all kinds of documents to find the make and model of a specific device. Keeping a log of the equipment is also useful for determining if any device or devices have gone missing.
Other security measures include performing audit trails and ensuring availability of equipment through redundancy. Audit trails can help keep track of what each employee does on their computer as well as keep track of any suspicious traffic that may be circulating the network. Redundancy helps the company continue to function in the event of natural disasters or data loss. Vulnerability scanners can also help determine the strength of the network and help pinpoint which areas still need to be secured. The administrator must get permission from