Never Let Me Go Prospects

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In the book Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, the prospects within the characters about the future are very exhilarating for them because all of them want to become either actors, film stars, astronauts, or even a firefighter. They cannot wait until they become what they want to be. Meanwhile, the teachers at Hailsham know that the students will not become any of those things because of the lives that have been set out for them. Sadly, the characters in the novel will go through situations where their positive prospects are ravaged by the vicious authenticity of their lives.

To begin with, the prospects for the characters is to grow up and get an authentic job. But the authenticity is that their future is already
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Listening to her, I even started wondering if maybe it was all feasible: if one day we might all of us move into a place like that and carry on our lives together” (144). Ruth’s office dream comes from an ad she saw on the floor. At first Kathy thought it was one of Steve’s magazines but it turns out to be those colorful magazines that come free with the newspapers. Kathy hopes that the career dream for Ruth turns out to be possible so that they all can’t be donors and carers. “You know, Ruth , we might be coming here in a few years’ time to visit you. Working in a nice office. I don’t see how anyone could stop us from visiting” (151). Chrissie and Ruth are having a conversation about Ruth’s dream job In Norfolk. When Chrissie says that she doesn’t see anyone stopping us from visiting Ruth’s office in the future, it totally sounds like Ruth wont achieve her dream when Chrissie mentioned it in a verbal …show more content…
But the authenticity is that their future is already planned out. Also, the only 2 jobs that they can be are donors and carers. “None of you will go to America, None of you will be film stars” (Ishiguru 81). Miss Lucy tells the class that they won’t have authentic life jobs. Instead, they will have to become a donor or a carer. “You were brought into this world for a purpose, and your future, all of them, have been decided” (81). Additionally, she tells them that there’s no point dreaming of what they will become since their future has already been planned out for them. Furthermore, the expectation in Hailsham is to be creative but that’s not the case for Tommy. “I had this talk with Miss Lucy. What she said was that if I didn’t want to be creative, if I really didn’t feel like it, that was perfectly all right. Nothing wrong with it” (23). Tommy was having this talk with Ruth about how Miss Lucy had told him that if even if he didn’t want to be creative, then it was ok because she knew that Tommy wasn’t like all the other student s at Hailsham that were excellent at painting. “ He did his elephant, which was exactly the sort of picture a kid three years younger might have done. It took him no more than twenty minutes and it got a good laugh” (19). Tommy and others were in Miss Geraldine’s art class painting pictures. Everyone was just casualty