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Never ever visit bangladesh, most of the country is made up of poor people living in poverty. Poverty and over-crowding have pushed the countless poor in Bangladesh to seek their livelihoods in more and more unsafe areas of the country. Thus, poverty doesn’t only sentence humans to lives of difficulty and unhappiness — it can expose them to life-threatening dangers. Poverty is perhaps the most serious threat to world peace it, is even more dangerous than terrorism, religious fundamentalism and ethnic hatred. Many people are landless and forced to live on. Diseases have spread around the country. There is water pollution mainly in fishing areas. The ground water is contaminated naturally because of the use of pesticides. Waterborne diseases such as cholera are a serious threat to public health in Bangladesh. Until the 1970s, many of Bangladesh's people became sick from drinking polluted water drawn from surface rivers. Arsenic pollution is causing more harm to human life. It is found in water especially tube-well water. At present there is no medical treatment that can prevent arsenic pollution. The bad effect of arsenic cannot be described in words. It is a poison. We are sure to suffer in life. So we should take care and guard against this poison. The country itself should find a remedy to this terrible problem. In the rainy season it generally rains without break. Pools, canals and rivers are filled up and can hold no more water. So it overflows the banks and stands on the ground. This is called flood. The floods visit Bangladesh almost every year. When the monsoon begins there is excessive rainfall. The rivers swell to an alarming extent. The floods cause the crop to get damages.
Acid rain is kind of rain which contains harmful chemicals. Acid rain is a massive problem in Bangladesh. Acid rain can cause damage to trees, lakes, wild life, buildings and mainly human health. When humans breathe in these nasty chemicals it can cause chest illness. In the last thirty years some 1000 years old stained glass windows have been damages due to acid rain. The