New Deal Dbq

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The Great Depression was a big downfall in U.S. history. It caused many people to lose jobs, families, and many other things. But the thing that turned the Great Depression around was the New Deal. Overall, the New Deal was a good deal because people started to get jobs, helped people with financial support, and the social security the government provided.

The first reason why the New Deal was a good deal is because people started getting jobs. People were unemployed for so long during the Great Depression. Lots of people from 1929 through the 1930s. And then in 1933, the New Deal became a big part of the United States. Throughout this time, many men and women started to get employed. According to the “Unemployment Chart”, the percentage of
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In the “Carl Degler” document, it quotes “Degler saw Social Security as a part of this change, signaling that Americans viewed the government as responsible for ensuring that older Americans would live decent lives. This was a shift from thinking that this responsibility lay only with individuals and families” (SQ3, H). This gives us a view of how social security works. They were going to provide safety and lots of other things for Americans. According to another article, “Bart Bernstein”, it states, “Specifically Bernstein saw the Social Security Act as more symbol than substance. Workers had to contribute to their old age pensions and could not depend on the government contributions: this, was a limited kind of aid. More than one out of every five workers was excluded from the pension plan” (SQ4, F). This isn’t showing that the government helped everyone, but they still did a lot of help because lots of people needed treatment and the government wanted to make sure that they were trying to help people. According to “NAACP”, it quotes “The point that I am making is that for a person to qualify for Social Security, taxes must be paid on behalf of this person before he turns 60” (SQ4, D). This is saying that if people do these tasks, and pay the taxes, they will be provided with social security. Meaning that the government will look after them and make sure they are taken care of. As you can see, the New Deal was a good deal because of the social security that the government had for their people. The Great Depression had so many downs this time, but because of the New Deal, America got better. It was life-changing for so many people and the New Deal was a good deal because people started getting jobs, helping people with financial support, and the social security the government