New Deal Programs Essay

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a. Democrat, New York
b. Wealthy upbringing, 5th cousin of Teddy Roosevelt
c. Former senator, Secretary of the Navy
d. As a young adult, was stricken with polio, never recovered full use of his legs
B. Major GA connections
a. Roosevelt came to Warm Springs, hoping to find a cure for polio
b. It was not a cure, but swimming in the water improved his symptoms
c. FDR spent a great deal of time in Warm Springs and many of his New Deal programs were developed based on his own experiences in GA.
C. The New Deal
a. FDR put together a group of advisors to work on ending the Depression. Congress passed a series of laws that became known as the New Deal.
b. The purpose of the New Deal; was:
i. To bring about economic recovery ii. Relieve the suffering of the unemployed iii. Reform defects in the economy iv. Improve society
c. TO help bring about economic recovery, FDR closed ALL the banks.
i. Each bank was investigated ii. If found to be sound, thy reopened iii. Gov’t loaned money to help them reopen iv. This helped the public trust the banks again
d. Because they went by acronyms, FDR’s programs and agencies became known as “Alphabet Agencies”:
i. AAA – Agricultural Adjustment Act – provided assistance to farmers ii. FDIC - FEDERAL DEPOIST Insurance Corporation – insured deposits in banks iii. CCC – Civilian Conservation Corps – provided building jobs for men iv. SSA – Social Security Admin. – created system of retirement and unemployment insurance
e. The New Deal did not end unemployment or the Great Depression, but it did pave the way to recovery and gave many