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1.1 Explain how you have supported effective communication within your own job role
In my job role, I am responsible to communicate in an appropriate and effective way with each service user relating to their care plans & risk assessments. I may be required to communicate by signs, body language or pictures with service users which English is not their first language or they have hearing loss. Body language is a very important way to express and communicate. Communicating with service users with challenging behaviour I am required to avoid contradictory conversation and to reserve the necessary space to leave the area in case they become aggressive. Always, I must communicate with the service users in the way they prefer and choice. Environment play an important role when communicating with other people; too noisy, too lighted room or poor lighting, flashing lights could trigger seizures, too hot or cold, could lead to misunderstanding. As a senior support worker, I must communicate clearly, writing legible records & accurate. I always update my communication skills & knowledge by undertraining trainings & co-operating with other professionals.
By working with people with different mental health condition I must be able to communicate effectively with a range of other external agencies and professionals such as: local authorities ( Redbridge Safeguarding Adults) via email(encrypted) or telephone
Police, via telephone or one to one conversation
IMCA(Independent Mental Capacity Advocate) via meetings & email
Psychologists& speech therapists via consultations & emails.
I will consider the environment when making a phone call or attending to the meetings, and ensure confidentiality is kept at all times (doors closed, passwords etc.)
As an example, in one of my working days I was doing the key worker session with one of the residents and my team leader covered the phone calls as per my request. After the meeting with the resident I went to the office to make the records on the computer. Before I checked my emails and I noticed that one of them was from my team leader passing on the information to me that he received a phone call from Mrs. XY from Imagine Group, who tried to contact the resident SH on her mobile number but it was switched off and Mrs. XY left a contact number and the message that she is happy like SH to join their group and SH to contact her as soon as possible to discuss the available options they have. I have prioritized this email as an emergency and I delegate one member of staff to inform SH that Mrs. XY from Imagine Group tried to get in touch with her regarding activities that she was requesting them the week before when she attended to the Women’s Group. I let staff know if SH needs assistance to make the phone call we are in there to support, and to remind her to charge her